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Hi Caliber Award/Milestone Memento Stainless Steel, Custom Engraved

Enter a general idea of what you would like engraved. Include your email and or phone number and we will contact you to refine the details. Quantity discounts are available.

    • Do you remember how you felt the first time you made that long distance hit...500,600,1000, 1760 yards or more? Now you can have a permanent record of your milestone laser engraved on Stainless Steel for display. 
    • Managing a league, competition or shooting match in your area? These make a great and inexpensive way to recognize shooter achievement...placement, Most Improved, Gag sayings...Not Last place, 1st for Needing More Practice, Better Luck Next time, etc. you get the as creative as you can. Include your match or club logo or other image. 
    • Are you running a shooting school, private classes or other form of shooting education? This is an inexpensive, high quality way to recognize student achievement and advertise your service at the same time.  Include your logo, student info and achievement or milestone. 
    • Use as customer appreciation/SWAG  gift for your gun shop or other sales outlet. 
    • Almost anything is possible to engrave. Make a statement, express your 2nd Amendment Support with graphics and text of your choice for display. Makes a great gift. 
    • The Hi Caliber Award is manufactured and engraved in Kentucky using Stainless Steel with the graphics plus text of your choice. We will work with you to get you exactly what you need.  It measures 6 inches long and 1.25" wide.  It can sit on your desk horizontally or vertically, has a quality look and feel with the durability of Stainless Steel. 
    • This item is custom engraved so please contact us to order.  We will work with you to achieve the look you want. Quantity discounts are available.   If there is a significant amount of graphics alteration or creation there is a one time minimum fee of $15 to be invoiced separately.  Most will not require a graphics fee. email to order or call 507-208-3474
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