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Data Log Book - Cordura Nylon filled with Charts, Templates and Tables by DST Precision

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Shooters log book used to record location, range, environmental and other conditions as an aid to shooting improvement and/or load development.  

  • Zippered log book jacket made from durable cordura nylon
  • Fold out pocket
  • Pre-Filled with custom designed charts, tables and templates from DST Precision Training
  • Rifle and Load Template
  • Ammunition record
  • Time of flight chart
  • Density Altitude Table
  • Mil or MOA to yard conversion tables
  • Field Sketch template
  • Wind reference Sheet
  • Wind vs Mirage estimation chart
  • Moving target estimation chart
  • Bullet Drop Chart
  • MOA to MIL Conversion
  • Chronograph Data template
  • Cold Bore Log
  • IPSC Target template
  • Shot record template (10 of these)