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Custom Laser Engraving - Contact us for details


Many of you know that I have been providing Laser Engraved Bolt Shrouds for the Ruger Precision. If you have one odds are you got it from me. We have also been engraving for the Ruger American along with an assortment of other items like Scope Shades, CZ Brace Adapters, Bubble levels and other items too numerous to mention. We have upgraded our capability with a new 100W laser and have been quite busy personalizing items. We have also been doing a lot of drink tumblers and award items in various materials...Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Glass, Wood, Slate, Granite to name a few. If you need something personalized for your firearm, Drink Tumblers, SWAG of any type or if you need an award created and personalized for a group, club or match award I would appreciate you giving me the opportunity to bid. You may already have or know of my work and you know I will work hard to earn your business. Contact me with your ideas and I will work with you to make it happen at