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3/4" AR500 12x20"Torso

$175.97 $154.97

.50 BMG Targets       Shipping: Flat Rate $14.99
  • Rated for .50BMG, .416 and 408
  • Made from heavy duty 3/4" AR500 steel
  • Minimum safe distance for .50BMG, ball and solid brass ammo 300yds Improved 400yds
  • 416 and 408 lead core 300 yds, brass solids 400 yds
  • Do NOT shoot these targets closer than the minimum safe distance
  • Make sure Impact area is free from any valuables, building, vehicles, etc
  • Make sure you have a large enough backstop for large caliber rifles
  • Eye protection is a must for everybody in the area
  • Always remember larger calibers were built to defy armor steel.  
  • No armor piercing rounds
  • Always use good judgement
  • Accepts 5/8" bolts