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They say the best ideas are those that fulfill a real need. Tracer Hit Light is just that born in the idea factory of Sparkwood Solutions LLCA local sportsman's club was looking for a target hit light solution for steel challenge matches but found that there were very few solutions in the marketplace and those that did exist were quite expensive.  As a shooter myself and a member of this club I set out to solve the problem of creating an effective target hit signal system at a reasonable price.  After about a year of development and test the Tracer Hit Light was born.  With a focus on redundancy and reliability the built in intelligence allows you to know the light is operational from your shooting station and if not it provides feedback as to what the problem is such as the cable was shot or batteries are weak. This makes Tracer Hit Light what I call "competition friendly" and is unique among what is available in the marketplace.

I am pretty happy with this design and I think you will be too and if not then I want to know about it.  I guarantee your satisfaction...period.

If you are in need of steel targets we have partnered with XSteel Targets.  They make the best targets using the best laser cut AR500 steel at the best prices you will find.  xSteel Targets and Tracer Hit Light make a great combination and shooting experience. 

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