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D.F.A.T. Dry Fire training adapter

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D.F.A.T.  Dryfire, Focus, Adapter, Training  

Focus on perfecting shooting skills.  

A product of DST Precision (Training & Products) 

 This device allows you to use your rifle and optic to dry fire practice in a very small area.  With this adapter most scopes can focus from 11-15 feet.  With proper lighting you can use your scope at maximum magnification.

  • Perfect for use in the house, garage or small backyard. 
  • Use this adapter to practice different positions, balance points, with/without sling or with various support bag combinations. 
  • The D.F.A.T. can be extremely valuable in determining how small of a "wobble" that can be made in non-prone positions. 
  • Understand your abilities and learn to improve by dry firing on known "MOA" size targets. 
  • Fits many scopes using the Butler Creek #44 (60mm)  and  #51 (64mm) scope caps.
  • Includes instructions and target size conversion table